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My name is Ryan McCauley, and I’m a data enthusiast working to bridge the gap between the data our systems and customers generate and making better business decisions. During the day, I’m a senior database architect at a large financial services company, and I spend my time there building Power BI data models and reports, doing data analysis, writing T-SQL and HIVE queries, a bit of .NET and Python, and training people to make sense of their data and build data tools of their own.

On my own time, I write small utilities to make things a little easier to do, as well as small consulting jobs. I’ve posted two of those utilities on Codeplex:

I’ve presented at multiple SQL Saturday events, a Power Platform World Tour, and to corporate teams. I’m also available for consulting engagements to solve problems with or help people learn how to work with their data and Power BI, SQL Server, or other parts of the Microsoft data stack. If you’re interested in a consulting engagement or in having me come to speak with your team, let me know!

You can also find me learning and helping others solve problems on both Stackoverflow and Experts-Exchange:
profile for rwmnau at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
profile for SqlRyan on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    I’m a brand new VBA user and happened across the macro built for delaying the sending of messages in Outlook 2010 – http://superuser.com/questions/628983/outlook-change-default-email-delay-for-do-not-deliver-before-feature
    This will CHANGE MY LIFE, but only if I can get it working. I’ve copied the code found here – http://trycatchfinally.net/Downloads/DelaySendMail.txt into into VBA and even pinned the shortcut to my qucik access toolbar. But something must be wrong – it’s not working. I don’t like to think that I am in over my head, but I’ve been beating my head against the wall over this for a couple of hours now. Any advice you can offer to help solve this?

    1. This code has been great for me as well – I try to encourage people around me to take some time off after hours, and I don’t want my late-night emails to have them worried, so I often end up delaying delivery until first thing in the morning. I’m glad to hear that you’d find the code useful too (if it would only work)!

      Have you followed the steps on the MSDN walk-through I linked in the original post? In particular, the steps you’ll want to follow are in the section called “Making Macros Accessible”:


      Alternatively, you can place a breakpoint on the first line of the sub and then press the quick access button you’ve set up – if the code is being called correctly, you’ll get a debugger in VBA on that breakpoint line. If you get the debugger, then there’s some reason the code isn’t working, and I’m happy to help figure out what it is. If you don’t get the debugger, then the code likely isn’t pinned to the button correctly, and I can try my best to help you figure that out as well.

      Good luck!

  2. Nice site, Ryan.

    I’m getting security warnings from my browser (I use Brave) though about an invalid SSL cert for your site. I ignored the warning and came to your site any ways. Glad I did!

    1. Thanks for the heads up – I use a service that generates SSL certificates 3 months at a time and I must have missed the refresh. Glad you enjoyed whatever you found!

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